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Arts, Graphic Designing, Media Production, Web Development, Digital Marketing, and Event Management

Arts (Drawing & Painting)

Art is the first area of our activity when Bejora was established. We believed by changing the way of gifting from dry gifts to a unique kind of gift and the most precious gift which was the painted or drawn picture, Furthermore, by this work we wanted to increase the real value of Arts in our society. Now we accept any kind of painting and drawing orders as we have appointed the most experienced artists with more than 30 years of past experience which help us to accept any kind of orders from our customers and deliver them back the orders with smile and top quality in town.

Graphic Designing

Bejora Graphic Design are here to ensure your company achieve the maximum impact on your target audience and we are working to ensure your company achieve your desired outcomes by our creative designs.
We specialize in creating a brand for you or refreshing your existing brand promise which will help reach your organizational goals. We believe that good quality designs despite creativity requires research, analysis and close collaboration with you to reflect your true brand promises, priorities, messages and strengths.
We can cooperate with you in following designing areas:
⦁ Corporate Brand & Identity
⦁ Logo Design
⦁ Stand Banner
⦁ Brochure & Flyer
⦁ Book Cover Designing
⦁ Advertisement Design
⦁ Illustration
⦁ Typographic Design
⦁ Poster
⦁ Calendar Design


Bejora Production is dedicated to the creation of compelling visual content for corporate, commercial, and entertainment endeavours.
Our professionals utilize the latest audio/video technology for producing cost efficient promotional, instructional, and original video content for your respected companies.
By producing quality video to our clients’ solicitation and support for broadcasting their message, we are positioning ourselves to take over market share from our competitors and become a reputable firm.
Bejora Production provide a full ranged video services including pre-production consulting, production, post production and video placement.

We can cooperate with you in following production areas:
⦁ TV Advertisement & Promo Videos
⦁ 2D/3D Animation
⦁ Spokesperson Videos
⦁ Video Editing
⦁ Short Video Ads
⦁ Product Photography
⦁ Modelling Photography
⦁ Subtitle & Caption
⦁ Character Animation
⦁ Logo Animation
⦁ Wedding Ceremony

Web Development

Bejora Production has a team of web developers with extensive knowledge that ignite and affirm relationship between an organization and its audience.
We undertake unique and challenging business requirements and work within clients’ economical resources to transform any online vision into reality.
We believe that a web site is just a part of a company’s overall marketing effort. We make sure that your website serves a specific business need and is consistent with your overall marketing strategy. Our staff will work with you to create a plan that suits your business needs and get your new internet site up and running in no time.
When it comes to the web, we are committed to create the most cost effective solution for your unique business requirements.

We can cooperate with you in following areas:
⦁ Custom Online Application Development
⦁ Web Based Tutorials
⦁ Flash Animation and Application Development
⦁ Standard Website Design and Creation
⦁ Rich Media & Interactive Websites
⦁ E-Commerce and Payment Processing
⦁ Website and Portal Maintenance
⦁ Search Engine Optimization

Digital Marketing

As stated we are result-driven. We help our clients to connect with their audience, increase sales and drive website traffic. Whether you are looking for more social followers, increase the quantity and quality of website traffic, maintaining a positive or favourable view about the organization, product, if you want be at the top of search engines or whatever you need, we are here to get it done.

We can cooperate with you in following areas:
⦁ Public Relations
⦁ Social Media Marketing
⦁ Social Video Marketing
⦁ Content Marketing
⦁ Surveys
⦁ Web Traffics
⦁ Web Analytics
⦁ E-Commerce Marketing
⦁ Domain Research
⦁ Email Marketing

Event Management

The Bejora Event Management team are specialists that are committed to be on hand every step of the way to work with you and ensure your values and objectives are incorporated in events.
The event management team are experienced, knowledgeable and professionals which are working to create unique and memorable corporate events from event concept to completion.
Furthermore, our event management team are working to offer short term courses to be delivered by our country’s top experts.
In order to fulfil needs of today’s educational planners, we are trying to offer intensive, short term and specialized courses in specific areas of educational planning and management.

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